ZZ Plant in Concrete Pot

Originating from drought-prone areas of East Africa, these strikingly tall, green plants are super tough. Because of the rhizomes in their root systems (where they store their water and nutrients over extended periods of time), they are technically considered succulents. ZZ Plants also happen to be some of the best oxygen producing indoor plants, helping filter out airborne toxins and providing clean air for your workspace. Each plant comes with its own unique care card to help you learn about your new plant as well as set you on the right foot for the specific care needs. If you're interested in engraved pots, branded care cards, or large quantity orders, please contact support@itsallgravy.com. 

Care: Easy. Light: Happy under any light condition. Water: Every 1-2 months. Total Height: 12-18". Total Width: 4-5". Botanical Name: Zamioculcas zamiifolia. Not safe for pets.