Zebra Plant in Concrete Pot

Native to South Africa, these hardy succulents can survive in almost any indoor environment. They don't like direct sunlight, nor do they like dark closets, but anything in between will keep these guys happy. As your plant grows, you will see new fronds grow from the interior of the plant and you may even see some small "pups" develop around the surface of the soil. These pups can be carefully separated and replaced in new pots as completely new plants! Because the root system is relatively shallow, there won't be an immediate need to repot your plant as it grows, just make sure to trim any fronds that look gray or brown near the bottom as this is a normal part of growth. Each plant comes with its own unique care card to help you learn about your new plant as well as set you on the right foot for the specific care needs. If you're interested in engraved pots, branded care cards, or large quantity orders, please contact support@itsallgravy.com. 

Light: Any light condition. Water: Every 2-3 weeks. Total Height: 2-4". Total Width: 3.5". Botanical Name: Haworthiopsis attenuata. Safe for pets.