Snake Plant in Concrete Pot

Averaging 12 to 18 inches tall, these bad boys are virtually indestructible. Seriously, this is the Bruce Willis of plants. Aim to water your Sansevieria Laurentii every three to six weeks as they store water in their spear-like leaves. They do really well in almost any light condition, so whether you’re in a corner office with sprawling views and sunlight or grinding away in a row of desks, they'll do great in your workspace. The best part? Propagating them is easy-peasy, so you're just a few steps away from the indoor jungle you’ve always dreamed of. Each plant comes with its own unique care card to help you learn about your new plant as well as set you on the right foot for the specific care needs. If you're interested in engraved pots, branded care cards, or a large quantity order, please contact

Care: Easy. Light: Bright light is ideal, but can tolerate any light condition. Water: Every 1-2 months. Total Height: 8-18". Total Width: 4-6". Botanical Name: Sansevieria trifasciata. Not pet friendly.