Nine Women, One Dress by Jane L. Rosen (Autographed)

Gift one of this summer's hottest reads signed by the author & Gravy Co-founder, Jane L. Rosen.

Nine Women, One Dress is a charming, hilarious, irresistible romp of a novel that brings together nine unrelated women, each touched by the same little black dress that weaves through their lives, bringing a little magic with it.

Town & Country says...

"Rosen's wry authorial presence lingering beneath each chapter-served up in monologues addressing the you an appreciation of its breadth....By its conclusion, you are reminded of the seemingly infinite identities that coexist in New York City and what happens when these communities begin to converge. Rosen deftly peels back the layers and reveals the lives that inhabit the skyscrapers, brownstones, the department stores, hotels, and parks. Most of the time, it's not pretty out there, and when it appears perfect on the surface, there is always, always, a story worth telling."