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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about what we do and how it works? Take a look at our frequently asked questions below for answers to questions about shipping, wrapping, and our different services.


What is Gifting by Design?

We provide high-end gifting solutions for all of your gifting needs. Whether you're gifting for a company-wide event or choosing a customized gift for a top client, we're here to help. Click here to learn more!

What is Individual Gifting?

This option allows you to place orders from our online catalog, choose a gift wrap, and write a personal message. We also provide custom catalogs and white label gift wrap options to truly personalize the experience. Reach out to our team of gifting professionals to learn more or click here!

What is Bulk Gifting?

Bulk gifting is the perfect option for holidays, events, or any occasion where you need help selecting, wrapping, and delivering a large quantity of gifts. Visit our Bulk Gifting page to learn about all the ways we can take your gifting capabilities to the next level!

What is Concierge Pro?

With Concierge Pro, you have access to our whole team - Merchandising, Procurement, Packaging, Creative Design, and Marketing. Need help designing a prospect gifting campaign from scratch? Are you looking for a special gift that you can’t find anywhere? Reach out to our team of gifting experts and let us bring your vision to life!

What kind of communication can I expect from Gifting By Design?

After sending your gift you will receive 4 simple emails from Gifting by Design.

  • Your order confirmation with recipient details and cost.
  • A notice once your recipient has viewed your gift.
  • A thank-you note from your recipient, if they choose.
  • A notice when your beautifully wrapped gift and gift note is on its way.

In addition, our customer service team is on-hand to answer any questions that you may have during the gifting process.

Is there a fee for gift wrap and gift preparation?

You will have the opportunity to select your gift wrap at checkout and the corresponding price for the gift wrap service will be displayed there. We also offer custom white label solutions, and the pricing for that option will be determined with your account manager. There’s also an option for “unwrapped”, which just includes the cost of preparing your notecard and packaging your gift for shipment.


Can i send a gift if i don't know my recipient's address?

Yes! Our Individual Gifting option allows you to gift with just an email address. The recipient receives an email to their inbox with the exciting news that you have sent them a gift along with your personal note. No more awkward and surprise-ruining conversations asking for home addresses. The recipient will respond to our email with the address at which they’d like to receive their hand wrapped gift. They also have the option of sending you an on the spot thank you notification! Email notifications are instantaneous. Recipients are notified of their gift seconds after closing the big deal, going the extra mile or just-in-time for their birthday or work anniversary. Whatever the occasion, email notifications add a level of privacy to a business gift exchange as the recipient can choose to route their gift directly to their home or office.

What if a recipient does not claim their gift when sent an email?

When you send a gift by email, we notify your recipient the moment you hit “send.” Most people claim their gifts right away. If a gift goes unclaimed, we remind the recipient after 3 days. At five days our courteous customer support team reaches out personally. This usually does the trick! The real stragglers get notified again after a week. At that point we follow up with you to see how best to handle it. In the mean time, you can always email hello@giftingbydesign.com with any questions or concerns.

Is There a Fee For Shipping and Handling?

Shipping and handling is charged at checkout, and based on rates for FedEx ground. If you need an alternative shipping method, please reach out to you account manager or support@giftingbydesign.com to make the appropriate arrangements.


Can my recipients return a gift if they don't like it?

If one of your recipients is unhappy with their gift, please let your account manager know and we can determine the best way to make your recipient happy!