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As your premier corporate gifting partner, we'll work together to provide meaningful, exceptional gifts to your customers, employees, and more.

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Our corporate gifting service for small businesses enables you to recognize employees, appreciate clients, and celebrate milestones.

Appreciate and motivate your employees.

#1 cause of employee turnover is limited recognition and praise illustration.

The number one reason why people leave jobs is “limited recognition and praise.

Show your employees you care by celebrating their milestones and achievements with thoughtful gifts. We work with you to help your employees feel recognized and appreciated.

Appreciate and celebrate your clients.

Totally satisfied customers deliver 2.6x revenue as somewhat satisfied customers illustrations.

A customer who is “totally satisfied” delivers 2.6 times as much revenue as one who is “somewhat satisfied.”

Boost your customer satisfaction score by celebrating milestones and anniversaries with your clients. Show them your appreciation through a unique gift that goes beyond a simple branded cup.

So how does it work?

We make it easy to manage what gifts can be given and within what budget. With our Salesforce integration, account managers and customer service representatives can easily surprise and delight clients with meaningful gifts at just a click of a button - all while staying within budget.


HR will also have access to a platform that enables them to gift to employees when they reach major milestones and anniversaries.

You'll have access to...

Personalized note

Custom branding

Hand-wrapped packaging

No-hassle delivery

An icon of a personalized business note.

Personalized note

An icon of a branded corporate gift.

Custom branding

An icon of a hand-wrapped business gift.

Hand-wrapped packaging

An icon of easy delivery.

No-hassle delivery

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